Richard Shrubb, UK Cannabis Writer

Hemp rope - the seafaring product that made Dorset rich
Portland Harbour whose ships were once powered by hemp…

As a hemp or cannabis company…

In need of a UK cannabis writer?

You may have the hemp product but need to communicate that what you’re about.

You may have the knowhow to produce your goods but need to reach out to others to show it.

There may be a fight with the authorities to get them to accept the humble hemp or cannabis plant in any one of its huge variety of uses.

You may simply need to climb onto Page 1 Rank #1 of Google to get more hits and income.

What can we do together?

Through me as your tame hemp/cannabis writer, you can ask me to produce:

• Blogs and articles

• Features

• Case Studies

Want to know more? Contact me at or by phone on +44(0)1305 753 478.

UK Hemp and cannabis blogs and articles

Whether people who believe the negative propaganda or those who already understand the truth, you will need a UK cannabis writer to communicate the issues facing you today. You want someone to tell it as it is? You want compelling, readable and opinionated cannabis blogs that people want to come back to time and again? You’ve come to the right place then!

UK cannabis writer?

Blogs and articles

Blogs are one of the best means of attaining and maintaining page rank. The better researched and more interesting they can be, the more people will want to read them. You need a UK cannabis writer who can produce the goods!

Case studies

Your customers and stakeholders will have something good to say about you. Perhaps your strain of weed has enabled them to break their opioid pain pill use or enabled them to function normally again? With 12 years in cannabis journalism I can finesse a great tale from everyone who wants to tell your successes!

White papers

You may have something particularly difficult to explain that makes your company what it is today. Over six or more pages I can communicate that issue in a way that most people will be able to understand.