Pros and Cons of Cannabis Medicine

cannabis medicine

My friends at Loud Cloud Health have published a great infographic that cover the pros and cons of cannabis medicine.

As a non-user cannabis writer myself I take a fairly balanced view of cannabis medicine – it isn’t as pure as a newborn lamb but on balance it has more positives than negatives.

Let’s look at opiates (also used as painkillers). They sedate you to Kingdom Come and are extremely addictive. You need more for the same pain as time progresses. This has led to an explosion in opiate use dependence in both the UK and USA as the horrid stuff is over-prescribed and more and more people become junkies from pharmaceutical products.

Cannabis by comparison is rather benign. You don’t have the withdrawal effects that you get from opiates. Generally the same dose will control the same amount of pain. Yes, you can get a bit giggly on it and it changes your perceptions some but opiates leave you whacked out and thinking of the next fix – hardly ‘better’ in my view.

Cannabis Medicine Politics

To my understanding the balance of pros and cons sits heavily in the favour of cannabis medicine over that of opioid medicine. They work in different ways – cannabis actively reduces the pain by reducing inflammation while opioids tell your nerves you aren’t feeling pain.

The stigma among medical professionals towards cannabis is more political than it is rational. It’s a relic of the US Constitutional Prohibition years that has been stacked with negative science – yes, science can be politically motivated too! A lot of the problems cited are by people with high self-opinions and low knowledge of the subject.

With cannabis medicine it only requires you open your mind on the subject. As with so many things in life, open your heart and close your biases and you never know what you will learn!